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Need for Future Improvements
Need for Future Improvements
What types of transportation improvements are most needed in the future for each of the Montco Pikes corridors?

Montco Pikes will present a long-term vision for six selected Montgomery County owned corridors: Butler Pike, Easton Road, Germantown Pike, Geryville Pike, Sumneytown Pike, and Swamp Pike. Your input is needed to help identify and prioritize the need for future improvements along each corridor. Your input will be used to help develop recommendations to improve safety and operations for all users on each corridor.

This survey will ask you to pick the three most important future transportation improvements that are needed and appropriate for each corridor. There is one question for each of the six corridors. You can provide your input on any of the corridors that you are familiar with. For the rest of the corridors, please select the option, "Not familiar with this corridor," or skip that question.

The categories of potential transportation improvements listed in the survey are described below. Additional information, including the study area limits and summary of the existing key issues for each corridor, is included under the “Topic Details” tab.

Safety Improvements – Improvements to reduce crashes

Intersection Improvements – Targeted improvements at selected intersections

Additional Travel Lanes – Roadway widening to reduce congestion and provide additional lanes for ease of travel

Shoulder Widening – Widening the shoulder of the roadway to improve safety and maintenance

Maintenance/Resurfacing – Improvements to provide a smooth riding surface and ensure the longevity of the roadway

Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure – Improvements to support safe and convenient walking or biking, which may include off-road or on-road facilities

Transit Service/Access – Improvements for accessing and riding a bus or train

Access Management – Strategies to manage the way vehicles turn in and out of driveways for homes and businesses

Stormwater Management – Improvements to reduce runoff and improve water quality

More Info:
Butler Pike - Overview Map
Butler Pike - Key Issues Summary
Butler Pike - Key Issues Map
Easton Road - Overview Map
Easton Road - Key Issues Summary
Easton Road - Key Issues Map
Germantown Pike - Overview Map
Germantown Pike - Key Issues Summary
Germantown Pike - Key Issues Map
Geryville Pike - Overview Map
Geryville Pike - Key Issues Summary
Geryville Pike - Key Issues Map
Sumneytown Pike - Overview Map
Sumneytown Pike - Key Issues Summary
Sumneytown Pike - Key Issues Map
Swamp Pike - Overview Map
Swamp Pike - Key Issues Summary
Swamp Pike - Key Issues Map
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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